Learn How to Sell a House in Probate!

Probate is a legal process that transfers property from someone who died to their  beneficiaries.

But what is probate? 

Only if the person who died still has assets in his/her name.

Do I need to go through probate?

If the person who died had a life estate or joint tenancy with right of survivoirship, then you can skip probate.

When can I skip probate?

3 Things  you REALLY should know

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Don't use  life insurance, pension, or other non-probate money to pay for the debt of the deceased person.


If you don't have the money to probate a house, you can get the buyer to finance the probate for you.


In some states  you can sell a house in the decedent's name without going to probate…  (Florida isn't one of them)